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KenyaCulture & Custom

I want to live for a month in Nariobi, which part is friendly for a foreigner?

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Explorer Kenya Safaris: Either Old Muthaiga (very expensive as its high end), New Muthaiga, Ridgeways and Runda are good.


Is Nairobi National Park worth a visit? If so, how much time do you recommend?

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Explorer Kenya Safaris: Yes, its very good for a brief safari, you get to see endangered black rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, lots of antelopes, Cape Buffalo and lions among lots of other wildlife. I would recommend the early morning visit 6 AM - 11 AM best or a late afternoon visit 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM

NetherlandsCulture & Custom

What should I prepare for King's Day (Koningsdag)?

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Charlotte Zhu: It's on 27 April.

What I love most about King's Day is the free flea market around the whole city & orange dress code. It is literally a huge party in the Netherlands.

It usually lasts from 6.00 till 21.00.
I would suggest:
1. dress something in orange - glasses, hat, t-shirt... or you can buy them from HEMA.
2. get some cash for the open market as people gonna sell "anything" they want on the streets.
3. bring some drinks as it's true energy consuming!
4. make sure your phone has enough battery to take photos or videos.


Where are nice places for a staycation in the Netherlands

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Charlotte Zhu: I highly recommend Zwolle!

I was there two days ago. It’s a city but with a town-relaxing vibe. There’s a river around the city town. The town is both historical and clean, well organized. You’ll find beautiful architecture and nice stores.

In a word, it’s truly a great destination for short or long stay. And easy to get around by car or train.

NetherlandsFood & Drink

Cocktail bars in Amsterdam with nice vibe?

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D L: Hiding in Plain Sight

My favorite in Amsterdam!


Where to see tulips fields in the Netherlands?

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NoordQuarantined: Noordoostpolder
See the route on my Google Maps

WorldwideFood & Drink

What’s your secret recipe for home “quarantine”?

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Emilio Alberti: risotto ai funghi

I try different dry white wine and mushrooms. porcini might not easy to be found but magic happens when I use it

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