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In the face of COVID19 pandemic, do you sense anything new about yourself?

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NoordQuarantined: I spend more time discovering new things such as new books and new recipes.

I pay more attention to work-life balance. People around me are more used to the idea of working from home.

I order more takeaways for coffees or small stuff to support local stores in my neighborhood.

The speed of how people cope with COVID 19 and adapt to the 1,5-meter society is impressive.

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What do you do during home quarantine?

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Yifan Wei: Well, it was really hard for the first two weeks. I was always thinking that my winter break shouldn’t be like this. I slept 12h a day and spent almost the other 12h on my phone. Then I realized, it wouldn’t work. So I decided to start a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

Here’s the schedule↓
9:00 get up
have some toast and a cup of coffee
10:30 find a book to read
(It suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t read for such a long time. It’s a good chance to input something.)
13:30 afternoon tea time
(a cup of black tea, sometimes homemade milk tea with homemade tapiocas. I can’t live without tapiocas!!)
14:30 continue reading or do some research
17:30 diner time/watching news and all kinds of videos
20:30 do some stretch and practice locking
(Well, I am a part-time dancer so it’s really important to keep physical strength.)
24:30 go to sleep

And also, I started my French-learning again like...maybe the 49th time.

I didn’t become a creative chef or a pâtissière, but I feel quite satisfied.

Can’t hangout doesn’t mean you can do nothing. It’s a very good chance to do something that you don’t have time for but always wanted to do.
Don’t eat to much
Don’t go on a diet
Don’t sleep all day long
Do some sports
Keep contact with your friends
Talk to your family
And find your own lifestyle!

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Hi, which countries are open for tourism soon & what are their Covid19 guidelines?

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NoordQuarantined: Italy is going to reopen the border on 3 June and there’s no quarantine requested for foreign travelers. Yeah!

1,5 meter social distancing is required for bars & restaurants and some of them are putting plexiglass separators when the 1,5 meter can’t be guaranteed. Mask is a must at the moment.

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Did you meet interesting guides during your trips? What is the story?

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Charlotte Zhu: 70% of Madagascar's wild species are unique in the world, as are the people who live in Madagascar. In 2019, I crossed from the east of Madagascar to the west. My driver Zoe told me that there are many primitive tribes in Madagascar.
He came from one of them. He is proud to be a driver, because on the one hand, he can take travelers from all over the world to visit beautiful Madagascar, on the other hand, because of the car he can also bring some food and goods back to his village. He said that every time he returned to his village, he could feel that his village was very proud of him, especially his father.
As a bridge to communicate with the outside world, he brought back hope. Along the way, he brought me to visit the local school, stores, restaurants and told many stories of the tribes, about sprits, clan and hope. He convinced me more that every destination has a larger story to tell and local community is bounded up with it.

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What’s your secret recipe for home “quarantine”?

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Emilio Alberti: risotto ai funghi

I try different dry white wine and mushrooms. porcini might not easy to be found but magic happens when I use it


How is the situation of Coronavirus in China? And locals in Wuhan?

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Vivian Yan: What I heard from my friends in Wuhan:

Her whole family stayed at home all day.
They cannot drive cars to get more groceries anywhere, and they are waiting for proper arrangements shortly.
They still held strong hope as the whole of society is helping them. At least today, Alibaba started to provide necessities for Wuhan, especially for the doctors and nurses.

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What restaurants in Amsterdam can I try as a vegetarian?

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Alexandra Gudowski: I would recommend the "Foodhallen", this classy indoor food market and bar serves high-end street food and they have lots of vegetarian options as weel. Some food stands are offshoots of popular Amsterdam eateries and breweries. It's located in Amsterdam's hip Oud West neighbourhood. Enjoy!


How’s Luoyang 洛阳 in China? Is it worth a visit?

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Quan Zhou: Luoyang is a very livable city. The pace of life is slow, but the infrastructure and image of the town are better than any of my hometowns, Chaoshan and Sanshi. Yes, Luoyang is a city with a rich history, after all. It is a history book that I can never read. She has been the most prosperous city in the world thousands of years ago! She has an urbanization side, and the city's supporting facilities are quite complete, but she does not have the same pace of life as a big city fighting. She is clean and orderly.


Which Chinese singers should I listen to when traveling in China?

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Edwards Huo: Tons of.

One of the most pop and classic singer - Jay Chou (周杰伦). He has been pop in China almost 20 years. R&B, blues, jazz... he wrote many kinds of music.

Another pop singer who is getting famous these years is Chenyu Hua (华晨宇). He is a genius in music.

Others you can try listening: Eason Chen (陈奕迅), GEM (邓紫棋), Faye WANG (王菲).

Other national music singer: Geer Teng (腾格尔), Zhuoma Jiangyang (降央卓玛).

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Roof terrace in Amsterdam for drinks?

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Liv Beenhouwer: Canvas op de sevende

From inside, there’s also a good view of the city.

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