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I‘m soon travel in Shanghai on Feb 8th

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Yifan Wei: Hi, I’m a local Shanghainese and I am in Shanghai right now. I highly recommend you to put off your trip.

You can have clean food and water but I don’t think it’s a good timing. People will not start working until Feb. 9th, and it might extend according to these days situation.

Me myself, cancelled all the hangouts during Chinese lunar year festival. Just stay at home, watch movies, play puzzles and chat with my friends online. All of us wanna hangout but we know for the people we love and ourselves, we should not do that.

For your own safety, put it off or cancel the plan might be the best choice. Shanghai will always welcome you!

WorldwideFood & Drink

What food in your country looks bad but tastes good?

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Charlotte Zhu: 皮蛋 preserved egg

A kind of cooked egg which can be eaten directly after removing the eggshell.
It is quite popular and well-known and you can find it everywhere in China.
The best way to eat it is with tofu, soy sauce, and vinegar.


How is the situation of Coronavirus in China? And locals in Wuhan?

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Vivian Yan: What I heard from my friends in Wuhan:

Her whole family stayed at home all day.
They cannot drive cars to get more groceries anywhere, and they are waiting for proper arrangements shortly.
They still held strong hope as the whole of society is helping them. At least today, Alibaba started to provide necessities for Wuhan, especially for the doctors and nurses.

NetherlandsFood & Drink

What restaurants in Amsterdam can I try as a vegetarian?

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Alexandra Gudowski: I would recommend the "Foodhallen", this classy indoor food market and bar serves high-end street food and they have lots of vegetarian options as weel. Some food stands are offshoots of popular Amsterdam eateries and breweries. It's located in Amsterdam's hip Oud West neighbourhood. Enjoy!


What flea markets in the Netherlands are interesting?

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Alexandra Gudowski: This is where you should go in Amsterdam:

1. "IJhallen", it's the biggest flea/vintage market in Europe, check their website for dates
2. "Noordermarket", only on Mondays and Saturdays
3. "Waterlooplein" (Monday - Saturday) but a way smaller choice then the first two options

These second hand and vintage stores are also awesome in Amsterdam:
1. "Zipper"
2. "Episone"
Please google their exact locations.

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