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Cocktail bars in Amsterdam with nice vibe?

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D L: Hiding in Plain Sight

My favorite in Amsterdam!


Where to see tulips fields in the Netherlands?

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NoordQuarantined: Noordoostpolder
See the route on my Google Maps

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What’s your secret recipe for home “quarantine”?

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Emilio Alberti: risotto ai funghi

I try different dry white wine and mushrooms. porcini might not easy to be found but magic happens when I use it


What's the best Amsterdam neighbourhood to go shopping?

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Colin Bramson: Gerard Doustraat in De Pijp area which is more and more popular among young people. There are some design brands or independent stores there such as Anna & Nina.


Which crystal stores do you recommend to visit in Amsterdam?

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Charlotte Zhu: I recommend Fabula Rosa, which is next to the Westmarket.

It is a unique shop and sells beautiful stones, spiritual books, and cards.

It is such a spiritual store, and the only thing is that the price usually higher than the average.

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In the face of COVID19 pandemic, do you sense anything new about yourself?

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NoordQuarantined: I spend more time discovering new things such as new books and new recipes.

I pay more attention to work-life balance. People around me are more used to the idea of working from home.

I order more takeaways for coffees or small stuff to support local stores in my neighborhood.

The speed of how people cope with COVID 19 and adapt to the 1,5-meter society is impressive.

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What do you do during home quarantine?

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Yifan Wei: Well, it was really hard for the first two weeks. I was always thinking that my winter break shouldn’t be like this. I slept 12h a day and spent almost the other 12h on my phone. Then I realized, it wouldn’t work. So I decided to start a healthy life, both physically and mentally.

Here’s the schedule↓
9:00 get up
have some toast and a cup of coffee
10:30 find a book to read
(It suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t read for such a long time. It’s a good chance to input something.)
13:30 afternoon tea time
(a cup of black tea, sometimes homemade milk tea with homemade tapiocas. I can’t live without tapiocas!!)
14:30 continue reading or do some research
17:30 diner time/watching news and all kinds of videos
20:30 do some stretch and practice locking
(Well, I am a part-time dancer so it’s really important to keep physical strength.)
24:30 go to sleep

And also, I started my French-learning again like...maybe the 49th time.

I didn’t become a creative chef or a pâtissière, but I feel quite satisfied.

Can’t hangout doesn’t mean you can do nothing. It’s a very good chance to do something that you don’t have time for but always wanted to do.
Don’t eat to much
Don’t go on a diet
Don’t sleep all day long
Do some sports
Keep contact with your friends
Talk to your family
And find your own lifestyle!


Which Chinese singers should I listen to when traveling in China?

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Edwards Huo: Tons of.

One of the most pop and classic singer - Jay Chou (周杰伦). He has been pop in China almost 20 years. R&B, blues, jazz... he wrote many kinds of music.

Another pop singer who is getting famous these years is Chenyu Hua (华晨宇). He is a genius in music.

Others you can try listening: Eason Chen (陈奕迅), GEM (邓紫棋), Faye WANG (王菲).

Other national music singer: Geer Teng (腾格尔), Zhuoma Jiangyang (降央卓玛).

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