Claudia Pavel

| Poet & writer

| Special Mention, David Burland Poetry Prize 2017

| Author of “The odyssey of my lost thoughts” inspired by Paris

| Love art, literature, old movies, classical music, opera, meditation and cats

| Derive great pleasure from traveling, discovering interesting places and meeting new people

Q | What does Paris mean to you?

Paris is the home of my soul.

Paris to me is like in my poetry:

“It's made of poetry and art and lost hearts enhanced in magic 
It's the kingdom of love, where free spirits find their resilience 
It's the dream catcher of lost passion and deep silence 
It's the torso where rebel souls find their homeland 
It's the beginning of a dream and the end of another 
It's what keeps you up in the night when you're breathing dreams 
It's that madness of artists caught in the wind 
It's the night on a full moon drown between chimeras 
It's you making love to me, under the blessings of Seine...” 
(excerpt from my poem “Paris”)

Q | What attracts you to settle down in here? Would you like to stay here longer?

What I love about Paris is the elegance that floats in the air. I love the fact that in every corner of Paris you are able to discover a wonderful hidden place, that reveals to you a memory, a secret and is absolutely charming. In every corner you discover beauty and art. Paris is poetry within itself. It’s like time stops and allows you to breathe its wonder. I believe that everything is fascinating about Paris, from art and culture to gastronomy, night life and fashion. All of the aspects marked by a profound sense of elegance. 

Everything that you do in Paris is surrounded by magic. From the moment you wake up and enjoy a coffee and a croissant in the morning and just watch French people speeding up to work and spreading a complicated lasting fragrance in the air and until late in the night, when you admire the lightened Paris from above, enjoying some cocktails in a roof top bar. 

You have plenty of daylight because God made the days longer in Paris than in the rest of the world, so you can enjoy more of the mesmerizing city of love. 

So you have plenty of time to visit museums, art galleries, libraries, to read a book in the magical Tuileries Garden, while the magnificent statues are your guardian angels, enjoy French dishes in cozy little restaurants, that are absolutely divine, have fun in a stylish shopping session and in the evening attend a jazz concert, an opera performance or a theatre one.

Q | When talking about Paris, “Eiffel Tower”, “les Champs-Elysees” and “Musee du Louvre” are top three words comes to tourists’ mind. How do you think about them? Can they well represent Paris?

“Eiffel Tower” it is indeed the symbol of Paris and it appears on almost every postcard and t-shirt as a representation of Paris. I love how “The Iron Lady” sparkles on Bastille Day, on 14th of July and all the enthusiasm of French people and visitors you can feel it on the streets, especially on Champs-Elysees. “The Iron Lady” has a special glitter on that particular day. 
“Musee du Louvre” is very special to me, I spent there 6 hours and had only seen two of three wings. 
I go very often to Louvre and I love to read or write in the magnificent Tuileries Gardens, which I find absolutely splendid for such.

Q | If someone wants to experience the “real Paris”, where would you recommend or what would you recommend to do? Why?

To experience the “real Paris” I would recommend tourists to have a picnic on the banks of the Seine River. There is a variety of French goodies to put into a picnic basket: tiny sandwiches, cheeses, salads, the famous quiche, fruits, baguette and of course Macarons & Champagne. The air is filled with romance and impeccable style. You get to feel the real vibe of Paris and the French talking on the background is absolutely adorable. | TripCell

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