8 Feb 2020

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Wei Cheng is a policeman in Wuhan, China and recently taking responsibility for the security around Huoshenshan Hospital. He is telling what is happening in Wuhan and how locals' life is from his perspective.

Q | How are you now? Can you get enough food every day?

I am a local of Wuhan. I have lived in Wuhan for almost 30 years. I am a policeman and have been working continuously for approximately a month.

In addition to my work, I go out to purchase supplies once every three to five days. The food supply in Wuhan is stable, and it's available in supermarkets at any time. The prices have not increased much, except for the pork and beef. There are only some street vendors, which have raised their prices a bit. Besides, I feel there is no significant change in the dishes that I usually have during the epidemic.

Q  | Who is still working now in Wuhan?

Presently, except for medical staff, police, sanitation, fire fighting, and the workers in supermarkets, all other industries are closed, and everyone is staying at home.

Now the situation in Wuhan is quite urgent because it is the hardest-hit area. All departments are working hard, especially the medical staff and the polices, who go to work without rest.

Q | Are you still positive? How do you feel after reading news of Wuhan?

I am currently responsible for security protection around the Huoshenshan hospital. I have an N95 mask, which is changed every two days. Every police officer here has a pair of goggles and a pair of gloves, which have not been replaced yet, maybe because there is still a shortage of medical supplies.

The mentality of the people around me and myself is alright because Wuhan gets support from the whole country. There are often rumors online that Wuhan has been abandoned, but what I desire to say is that as a central city of China since ancient times, neither the country nor the people will give up. We will not give up ourselves as well.

The current epidemic situation has shown an improvement in the number of cured cases. Major hospitals in Wuhan are also trying their best, including the recently completed Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals. In less than 15 days, from the start to the delivery, both the speed and quality reflect the strength of the Chinese people as a whole.

Q | Do you have any travel or life plan after this epidemic?

When the epidemic is over, I want to take a good rest. I really want to eat hot noodles with sesame paste. I also aspire to spend more time with my family and take my wife on a trip. My biggest wish momentarily is that the epidemic will end soon, and everyone will be safe and sound. | TripCell

Wuhan, Riverside, The Yangtze River

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