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Born in a diplomatic family, I had traveled with my family all around the globe. I grew up in Brisbane, Australia as my parents were students at the Queensland University. I lived in the greater Washington, D.C. area most of my life. I moved around within the USA and finally settled in the foothills of Mount Rainier in Washington State.

International travels taught me cultural differences and similarities amongst all humans across this globe. In Jamaica, I saw how they celebrated life with music, food, and Sunday church. Jamaica was the first place I saw how my cab driver stopped over and had picked mangoes from a tree by the road. He showed me how to enjoy the fruit. In India, I watched how caring all the passerby strangers were as I had stopped for a friend’s nosebleed. People stopped by us and helped until we were fine. In New Orleans, Louisiana, I blended within a crowd during the Mardi Gras celebration where I felt like a member of the crowd family, where all were one.

My travels had a huge influence on my journey to take pen to paper and unite this one world through my words of wisdom. I became an author to unite this divided world through the most powerful tool given to mankind, known to you and me as words. All my books are vastly different yet have one common theme, my love for humanity across this globe.

I have eleven books published and a few more on the way, all of which are available to order worldwide from Amazon and most major book retailers. From spiritual prayers to unite all religions, to my humanitarian efforts to eradicate hate crimes, through my thought-provoking answers to the unanswered questions of life, to inspirational quotations, to my dream diaries where I am known as a dream psychic, to my travel guides, I have a favorite read for all people across the globe. My goal in life is to unite all humans across this Earth into one house of humanity through peace and serenity. You can read more about me or view my book trailers, on my website and blog at

Q | How are your life and travel affected by COVID-19? What is the most impressive story or news you have read so far?

COVID-19 has changed all of our lives forever. Before moving to my current location about four years ago, I had lived within downtown Seattle for two years. One can never get bored or feel lonely as the coffee shops and bakeries are always filled up with international and local customers. Today, a traveler visiting downtown Seattle would not find the pastry shops open or the antique stores crowded with shoppers looking for bargains. The empty roads tell a story one would find in a horror thriller, not my downtown Seattle.

For a while, Washington State was believed to have had the first reported case of COVID-19 within the USA and became the crisis epicenter of the country. Yet, now it has been reported that California actually had the first case of COVID-19.

In the USA, all states are open and drivable, as I myself had driven across the country with my RV for a personal vacation. The geographical differences are amazing, and I strongly suggest anyone vacationing to take an RV and enjoy this route. Yet, today I know because all states were open to each other, the virus had spread so fast across our nation.

In Washington State, we had the majority of our cases spread from one elderly care center in Kirkland, Washington. If the clinic, all the staff, and visitors could have been contact traced at the very beginning, we could have prevented the amount of spread. Our Governor, Jay Inslee, had done his part as he realized this spread would be hard to control and hopefully, we will be healed soon. In the USA, each state governor can take control of his or her state and do what he or she believes is good for the state.

During this crisis, I found governors across the USA trying to help their own states and others as well. We the citizens too are doing our share as even my local pharmacy had home delivered my diabetic prescription drugs. I was shocked how my doctor and the nurse in charge had found out I had a local pharmacy and asked them to home deliver for the stay-at-home order. I was amazed as I saw a woman had come and dropped off everything on my porch. They called and told me to call them if I needed anything, as they will home deliver. It was a small gesture they told me, yet I thought it was the biggest love sent my way.

At the beginning and end, it is each individual who can do his or her share and stop or spread this virus. If we the healthy can hold back and exit, and the sick can keep themselves in quarantine, this pandemic will go away in due time. Another local story that gave me hope and made my day was as follows.

Geneva Wood, a 90-year-old Washington State resident, had beaten the coronavirus. In an interview given to Good Morning America, she said she beat this virus because of God, her family, and homemade potato soup.

This kind of miracle proves we can all beat all obstacles with prayers, faith, and belief. We should never give up on any situation as I believe, “Where there is no hope, there is but one.” The complete prayer is in my book, Spiritual Songs II: Blessings From A Sacred Soul.

My travel plans too had changed and my life goals revisited. I had to postpone my travel plans for today, yet I know it is only the darkest night before dawn. My travels had been my inspiration, as through the journeys of my life, I had acquired the human knowledge of the mind, body, and soul. My inspiration comes from the humans across this globe. Today, for all of them, I shall keep a distance and not hug anyone. Yet I shall pray for one and all from afar. Today, I avoid traveling for you the world citizens are my inspiration not to be selfish but to be selfless.

Q | Reading your books, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, published in December 2017, and The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, published in February 2019, did you foresee all this happening?

I had predicted this virus in my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, published in 2017.

Within my book, I wrote about a virus spreading throughout the world that would come from a marketplace. I thought it would come from either some kind of animal, mosquitoes, or I thought maybe from a scientific experiment gone wrong. Also, I thought as the virus was hidden in this Earth, so was the cure. Throughout this book, other books, and my blog, I have said somehow Mother Earth and the sun had some kind of cure hidden within them.

Throughout this book, other books, and my blog, I talk about various cures and drinks shown to me within my dreams about this and other viruses. I always knew the scientists will come up with a treatment, but I knew we would suffer a world catastrophe. In my book, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, I also talk about how I saw homes after homes being foreclosed and a financial crisis was taking over this one world.

Yes, I knew about these pandemics as they were shown to me and published within my books years ago. Yet, I knew if we the world citizens could work in union, then we would avoid the impacts of a lot of these pandemics if not eradicate them completely.

Q | This pandemic is not the first plague crisis for mankind. Why can’t humans prevent it from happening again?

Throughout time, this world has suffered from different kinds of natural and unnatural pandemics. Today, as the world is smaller and we can travel from one end to the other end of this world without even stepping outside, we should be able to eradicate all pandemics if only we work together. Remember we cannot avoid the dark nights from arriving, yet we can keep the lanterns burning until dawn comes upon our doors.

Working with all nations across the globe as one family could prevent these catastrophic disasters. Wars could be avoided if we were all one family. Honesty, openness, and acceptance of all humans as one family could have prevented this crisis too. If only all the countries around this world could have warned each other and worked with one another, then we could have avoided this catastrophic storm.

For this reason, I had published my book, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic in 2019. Within this book, I warn all to accept one another and work with one another. For otherwise, we will have a catastrophic storm riding from hatred for one another, I call The World Hate Crisis. Even after we all move on from our “World Health Crisis,” we must work with one another, not against, for then this world will see a rise in hate crimes. We the world citizens shall face another catastrophe, then called “The World Hate Crisis.”

I believe this pandemic called COVID-19 is a lesson learned for the world citizens of today, tomorrow, and the future. We all must take a lesson and move on with this as a gift for our future generations. If we cannot prevent, then we must try to stay afloat during these catastrophic storms in union. So, my message is we must all unite for one another.

Q | In the face of the crisis, do you sense anything new about yourself, your neighborhood or the communities around you?

As a spiritual yogini, I am used to being alone and can retreat into my meditation mode as needed. I have taught myself to let go of all the things I cannot change. I accept the burdens that fall upon me with tears and blessings. I use laughter and music to awaken my inner spirits.

Dhyana also known as meditation, is my retreat and vacation from all obstacles of life. Today, the hurdles we the citizens have are like the orange cones placed upon the roads to detour one from his or her regular path of life. Sometimes, the hurdle is there to guide us or prevent another obstacle from happening. At other times, it is just a fallback in life. I know we must stop, take a detour, and be back upon our regular path of life.

During this pandemic, I realized people all around me or at other places believe in prayers beyond everything else. Humanity awakens within all humans when we are all placed to test. Tears have a strong hand in uniting the one world into one home. 

Q | Some say that travel helps develop spirituality, so how do you think the current travel restrictions may affect you and the world, unconsciously?

Current travel restrictions have impacted all the business and pleasure travelers worldwide. This has placed a huge burden as we the world citizens are connected through our travel journey. The traveler knocks upon all doors until the door he or she was searching for opens. I have been there as I had knocked upon all doors to find the answers to my spiritual quest, until I found out I must open the door myself.

I traveled all around the globe and realized even after all my travels, I actually learned more from the personal journey of my life. Through the obstacles and blessings, I found my answers of life. Physical travels united all race, color, and religion into one house of humanity for me; however, as a spiritual yogini, I have found restrictions given to us for our own safety as blessings.

I am a believer in karma. I believe we only become aware of our bad karmas when the wheel of karma is forgiving. So, it allows us to see our own faults and it is then we can move on. Through physical travel, the mind, body, and soul awaken. Yet, through spiritual travel, you release your bad karma and awaken the wheel of good karma throughout time.

Physical travel also requires expenses. With spiritual travel, you can be within your own home and complete your spiritual journey without expenses or any restrictions for the only restriction you have is not letting yourself awaken with spiritual knowledge. It is all within one’s self.

Travel restrictions are in place so we the world citizens can be safe. I would call it good karma. The lives lost all around the globe must not go in vain but be remembered through our prayers as we know they are our guiding stars. Take this time to reflect on the lives of all humans across the globe.

Whether they are in the Netherlands, India, or the USA, we are all going through the same storm. Let us travel through this storm together and be there for one another as we become the umbrella to keep one and all protected throughout this storm. After the storm is over, we shall all travel to one another and create the most beautiful rainbow with united hands of the world citizens.

Until we can travel physically, let all of us take advantage and go on a journey spiritually.

Q | What do you do during home quarantine? Would you like to share your favorite books and maybe some techniques to reduce anxiety?

As an author, I quite often go on personal retreats. I had wished for personal retreats when life had gotten too hard as we all go through the ups and downs of life. Today, as we are all in this quarantine together, we need to work on our inner spiritual awakening. Think of a power failure during a rough storm. We cannot have the whole house lighted up, yet we can all become the candles of hope for one another.

Every single person can learn to meditate and take control of his or her own self as meditation is known to help our physical and spiritual mind, body, and soul. Breathing techniques taught during meditation can help reduce stress and the thinking process can clear up the mind, body, and soul. You can do yoga, Pilates, and meditation in your own time. I do talk about all of these on my blog regularly as I have also interviewed public figures in these fields.

Personally, I feel by just reciting a prayer, one can meditate and relax. Always remember, dawn shall break through after the dark night. Nothing is permanent, neither is life permanent, nor is grief. So, be hopeful and let the grief come and go as it is natural. Meditation has helped the past generations, as it does help me today and it shall help you tomorrow.

Nothing can restrict any one person’s personal growth. My advice to all is to write a journal for yourself and this writing process will be your complete meditation through your personal obstacles of life.

I would want all humans across the globe to learn from one another during this crisis. Learn about different cultures, race, and how people are coping with this situation. For your comfort, do remember today all humans across this globe are on the same boat. We shall all come to shore and be safe, with tears and loss along the way.

For my personal growth, I keep writing. My books are my meditation and devotion for all humans across this globe.

My books are there to help and guide all of you. Some have called my books the best spiritual books ever. Some have called them thought-provoking. Also, some have called them sweet songs of prayers all humans can sing in union. You can find all my books from Amazon worldwide or most major book retailers.

Q | Would you like to share your travel plan after this pandemic? Would you recommend some off-the-beaten tracks in America?

If anyone visits Seattle or Washington State, please go and visit Pike Place market, as this is a historical market which is also featured in my upcoming book. The foothills of Mount Rainier have cottages and romantic sites for the honeymooners. Northwest Trek is also a stopover one must take while visiting Mount Rainier National Park or the foothills. Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, so do stop over at the original Starbucks before you leave.

If you visit New York, do go and see Downtown Manhattan. I loved watching downtown Manhattan from Brooklyn too. Do not leave without trying New York pizza.

If you are visiting New Orleans, go see the longest continuous bridge over water, known as Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. Make sure you visit during Mardi Gras festivals. Do try the beignets and king cakes while you do visit.

My future travel plans include visiting the Netherlands again as I do travel at minimum once a year to this land, I call my dreamland.

Q | The last question, why is your dreamland the Netherlands?

This is a question I had asked myself over and over again. Yet, the answer was simple. I love the Netherlands. To this day, I have not fallen in love as I believe in twin flames and I believe in being patient. Yet, I must say I have fallen in love with this faraway land known to all as the Netherlands. As a dream psychic, I had seen the historical past of the Netherlands. I had not known this land, yet only stories seen within my dreams. After research and many more dreams, I had placed a name to the land, and knew my stories had matched the past lives of people in this magical land.

I spoke about this in detail within my book, Spiritual Lighthouse: The Dream Diaries Of Ann Marie Ruby, The World Hate Crisis: Through The Eyes Of A Dream Psychic, and other books.

For my love of this land, I have finally published my eleventh book, The Netherlands: Land Of My Dreams. This overnight bestselling book takes you through the history, geography, how the Dutch saved their land from the ravishing sea waters, tourist destinations, people, culture, food, transportation, World Heritage Sites, fun facts, basic Dutch phrases, and much more. I also have book trailers for this book and my other books on my website and YouTube.

Sending blessings from Seattle, Washington. | TripCell

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