Hi there,

My name is Debbie and I have a lovely boutique in one of 9 little streets in Amsterdam. The name of this boutique is meCHICas and meCHICas is my passion. I started my shop 14 years ago and in the beginning only my own work and designs where represented in my shop. Now I work with designers from different countries and can you find treasures from all over the world. 

I studied the history of art & architecture in Groningen. To celebrate my graduation in 1999 I went to Mexico for a well-deserved holiday. The first morning after arriving in Mexico I fell in love with the country and I had the feeling I never wanted to leave and stay there forever. It felt like home. Back in Holland, I had the feeling I left a piece of my heart in Mexico. I decided to go back as soon as possible to make my heart whole again. I moved to Mexico and lived there for a few years like a gypsy in a Volkswagen van. I learned the Spanish language, make jewelry and so much more. I had the time of my life. 

I started my shop in Amsterdam 14 years ago. I was still living in Mexico and came back to Holland in the summertime to sell my creations at festivals. Then I came across this house with a shop in the center of Amsterdam. It was for rent. I was attracted to this beautiful place. The rent was very high but I decided to give it a try and see what happens. I rented the place and made a new start. It was a success! Although I was missing my life in Mexico a lot, I made my dream come true. I had my own shop in the city center of Amsterdam. 

My charming boutique is situated in the trendy '9-straatjes' district in the heart of the 17th-center of Amsterdam, just behind Dam square. I created a beautiful collection of jewelry. Bringing together various natural materials to create gorgeous necklaces and bracelets with a soul and an unmistakable identity. Most of the gems used are collected or originate from Mexico. But to make this meCHICas collection, I travel all over to find the best beads and stones. These carefully selected high-quality materials are the basis of the harmonious meCHICas bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. We also sell artful matchboxes from our own studio, much Frida Kahlo items, beaded hummingbirds from Mexico, jewels with pearls, and 'I Holland' jewelry collection with Delft blue beads, beautiful pashmina shawls, embroidered bags, a collection of hand-painted Mexican pottery, and a surprising collection of original gifts for yourself or someone else ... It is definitely worth visiting our beautiful store in the heart of Amsterdam. Be surprised by the ever-changing collection, because part of our unique jewelry is not found in our webshop.

Everything went very well before the corona outbreak. I came back from Mexico in March, just in time for the lockdown, with lots of new things for the store. I could not have imagined what kind of heavy months we are going through now. The store had to close and we did a very bad business for months. Now in the summer, we have more customers again. But I only get half of my normal turnover. In the city center of Amsterdam, there are mainly tourists who we miss so much. Because of the corona, there are now of course much fewer tourists. And the disappointing turnover makes it very difficult to pay the sky-high fixed costs. Unfortunately, the new normal does not bring us normal turnover. It is very stressful to see our successful boutique change. 14 years of hard work and everything you've built up is slipping through your fingers ... that makes me very sad at times. June and especially July were OK but I’m afraid what the autumn and winter months bring us. We miss the tourists a lot, they were our main source of income.

They only way to survive is to receive more customers again soon. Then we can at least pay our costs, breathe deeply, and believe in the future again.

Visit our beautiful boutique in the 9-streets!  

With Love,


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