On 31 January 2022, I went to Zwolle for a "staycation," about one and half hours away from Amsterdam by train. It was a random destination as I just wanted to go somewhere rather than stay at home during Chinese New Year. I looked at some pictures on Google Map and Booking.com, and my intuition told me that I would love this city.

I booked a hotel 300 meters from Zwolle Station. The first impression on Zwolle was clean, great modern-and-old infusion, and quiet. Of course, there was modern infrastructure next to the station (I think it is essential for a traveler). Still, when I went into the street, the houses were classic Dutch style.

I had super tasty duck and creative desserts for dinner at the hotel restaurant. But, honestly, the selections of selections were more minor than Amsterdam. So, after a sweet sleep, I wandered the city town of Zwolle in the afternoon.

The vibe of the town is relaxing. It reminded me of Bruge, but larger and less touristy. The classic Dutch-style architecture remained well, a river running around the city town. You can find local stores in unique styles, such as spiritual stores, nice cafes, and buyers' fashion shops. You can have a break anywhere in the city town. Besides, outside the old town, there is a city park ideal for chilling.

I stayed in Zwolle for three days and had an impressive experience. It was much less crowded than Amsterdam, and you could slowly wander on the streets, stop anywhere you liked. People were quite friendly but won't make you awkward if you did not want to talk.

I would like to recommend some spots (from a traveler's perspective):
- Espresso bar Mailing - great cafe for coffee fans
- WannaWaffle - super lovely place for brunch, lunch, and dessert. I had salty pancake there, which was superb. they also had cake workshops
- Bilderberg Grand Hotel Wientjes - perfect location, good service, with an excellent restaurant
- NOUN - a colorful and cheerful city boutique
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