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What’s the travel policy now in Europe?

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Charlotte Zhu:

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Cocktail bars in Amsterdam with nice vibe?

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D L: Hiding in Plain Sight

My favorite in Amsterdam!


Where to see tulips fields in the Netherlands?

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NoordQuarantined: Noordoostpolder
See the route on my Google Maps

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What coffee do dutch people drink most?

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Charlotte Zhu: Dutch people like coffee in all forms
That doesn't answer your question, but in order..
mostly Cappuccino, then latte, then 'koffie verkeerd'.
Iced coffee is popular, but not with Dutch, mostly travellers and not necessarily on warm days
Next would be 'gewone koffie' (Americano, long black or just black coffee). Those that need a quick pick up, it's a double espresso.

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