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How do I taste cheese

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Anki Bos: 1. Take a look - soft or hard / color / texture
e.g. white goat cheese and complex interior of blue cheese

2. Smell!! - strong or light

3. Taste a small piece

4. (if you like it) enjoy with wine or tea
Or eat together with olive / ham / bread / etc. (typical dutch way I think)
Be creative to explore how to taste cheese!


Where can I buy New Balance shoes in Amsterdam?

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Pippo Pelo: I think near dam square.there is a good shop but now I don’t remember ne name!!!


Best place to celebrate new year eve in the Netherlands?

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Rick Huisman: There’s no such firework show in Amsterdam for the new year eve.

There’re spontaneous fireworks by the locals. You would probably enjoy some evening meals and then go to Amsterdam Dam square for 00:00. The SkyLounge is also a nice choice because they have a good terrace.

There’re sometimes good fireworks close to Het Scheepvaartmuseum and NEMO Science Museum.

For the organized fireworks, you could consider Erasmusbrug ROTTERDAM.


What are your secret Amsterdam travel tips?

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Reinke: For design fans:

There’s also a huge department store in the Marais.
It’s called BHV (Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville)

In Amsterdam, I think, the best shop regarding interior design, is Wonen 2000/ de Kasstoor.
It used to be on Rozengracht, but moved to Yburg(at the waterside of the Y) a couple of years ago.
From CS it’s tram 26 to Yburg.
First stop over the bridge (people call it the ”brabridge”) then to the right along the water of the Y.
Also, there’s Mobilia (Utrechtsestraat); it's much smaller though.


Which shops on Nine Streets do you recommend?

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Doctor Who: Mendo bookstore for design fashion, travel and architecture

Scandinavian clothing brands like Samsøe & Samsøe, filippa k and COS.

Dutch designer brands like anecdote boutique, Scotch & Soda and Fabienne Chapot.