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How’s Luoyang 洛阳 in China? Is it worth a visit?

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Quan Zhou: Luoyang is a very livable city. The pace of life is slow, but the infrastructure and image of the town are better than any of my hometowns, Chaoshan and Sanshi. Yes, Luoyang is a city with a rich history, after all. It is a history book that I can never read. She has been the most prosperous city in the world thousands of years ago! She has an urbanization side, and the city's supporting facilities are quite complete, but she does not have the same pace of life as a big city fighting. She is clean and orderly.


How is local’s life affected by the coronavirus in Wuhan?

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TripCell Official: You can read more stories about Wuhan China in [Stories].

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Where to “see” the history of Shanghai?

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Luciana Qian: (1) Shanghai History Museum (上海市历史博物馆)
Located on West Nanjing Rd near the People’s Square. Easy to access. The building is the former Shanghai Race Club, a historical and cultural heritage of Shanghai. You can see the history of Shanghai here from the Shang dynasty till 1949 for free.
In the same place, there is another museum called Shanghai Revolution Museum (上海革命历史博物馆). Shanghai played an important part in revolution 100 years ago and there is a close connection between the city and CCP, so the story is not just about Shanghai.

(2) Shanghai History Museum (上海城市历史发展陈列馆)
I would call it a exhibition rather than a museum. And I found out that the official English name of THIS museum is the same as the one mentioned before. Quite confusing. It is located in the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Easy to access too. The biggest point are the exhibits about concession history.

Hope you enjoy!

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Are Shanghai noodles vegan?

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Nanu: You probably will have vegan noodles in temples or vegetarian restaurants.

Yangchun noodle is one of the most famous noodles in Shanghai. Although there's no meat inside, it's actually made with pork oil.


Less known places in China that worth a visit?

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Charlotte Zhu: 梵净山 FANJINGSHAN

Fanjingshan located in Guizhou province, is the highest peak of the Wuling Mountains in southwestern China, at an elevation of 2,570 m. The Fanjingshan National Nature Reserve was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.