What to do on TripCell?

As a traveler - ask about your trips

On TripCell, you can post and ask questions about your trip on our platform, and receive answers directly from lifelong locals, experienced travelers, or anyone else who may have some insight into your desired destination. Rather than just following what guidebooks and reviews, we believe that every destination has a larger story to tell, and local communities are almost inextricably bound up with it.

As a helper - answer questions

At the same time, TripCell believes that every traveler needs a local expert who can share their first-hand experiences. For instance, what motivates you to live where you live? Are there any special secrets worth knowing? As a local helper, you can always inspire others through your experiences and your knowledge of a given destination.

Who we are?

Life, travel & planet lover

TripCell was born in the Netherlands. It aims to serve travelers worldwide by leveraging “hidden” knowledge through local expertise.

We love traveling, exploring, and asking! And for that very reason, we’ve built TripCell for travelers in seek of a deep exploration and unforgettable experience.