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TripCell is an online traveler-to-local community for Q&As about local travel tips, tacit knowledge and stories.

TripCell was founded in the Netherlands in 2018 by the founders who sincerely believe that every local community has a larger story to tell.

Our mission is to help and enlighten travelers by generating and presenting local's knowledge and stories.

Our vision is to expand people's consciousness about travel through the connection and communication with local communities, that ultimately enhances travel and social sustainability.

As a traveler - ask locals about your trips

On TripCell, you can post and ask questions about your trip on our platform, and receive answers directly from lifelong locals, experienced travelers, or anyone else who may have some insight into your desired destination. Rather than just following what guidebooks and reviews, we believe that every destination has a larger story to tell, and local communities are almost inextricably bound up with it.

As a helper - answer questions and tell your stories

At the same time, TripCell believes that every traveler needs a local expert who can share their first-hand experiences. For instance, what motivates you to live where you live? Are there any special secrets worth knowing? As a local helper, you can always inspire others through your experiences and your knowledge of a given destination.

Charlotte Zhu

Charlotte was born in China and spent her childhood in several places like Shandong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. In the past twenty years, she witnessed China's rapid growth, which was driven by her parents' generation, who were behind the scene but just held one belief in making the next generation's lives better. The experience made her believe in the power of people being together.

She studied e-commerce at Donghua University in Shanghai during the peak of China's internet development. She developed a canteen ordering system and a logistics information system. She was impressed by how information technology could change the world.

In 2015, she entered an exchange study program in Amsterdam. Since then, she started to travel to other countries intensively and became a global traveler living in the Netherlands. In her trips, she talked with many locals regardless of age and nationality. She realized that every destination has a larger story to tell, and locals are almost inextricably bound up with it.

With her co-founder, who always believes in the value of "unspoken" and using economic incentives to foster the social sustainability, they came up with the idea of building an online Q&A marketplace to connect travelers with locals. They believe one-day, people will use TripCell to open the curiosity door, welcoming their guests, feeling appreciated, and being proud to share their local knowledge and stories.

Cell X

Cell calls herself a global citizen, who grew up in a quadrangle in China and now lives in the Netherlands. Until now, she has visited close to 50 countries, especially of those underdeveloped, less-known and remote destinations, continually give her energy and inspiration to discover more. 

After some years working in a leading market intelligence company, she entered the travel industry as a regional business manager for six years. She sees unbalanced tourism being a critical issue in the travel industry, which has been creating tensions between travellers and locals. And yet, enterprises' economic interests and digital disruption make themselves challenging to focus on diversifying information and travel landscape.

Having the new perspective to address it, Cell and her co-founder, who also believes in the power of locals and social sustainability, invested in the first travel Q&A marketplace TripCell to encourage locals worldwide to share their knowledge and stories with travellers. She thinks local's connection to the land is unique, and their tacit knowledge of a living place is the wisdom of humankind. They believe locals can make an enormous contribution to the travel industry and therefore, should be recognised and rewarded in the value chain.

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